Birth Center layout with large birthing tub, birthing ball, side car basinet, birthing stool, queen sized bed and more in a calming environment

Birth Center Delivery

For many women, a birth center is the best of both home and hospital, providing care from medical professionals like Midwives in a homey environment.

Mamma holding baby in birthing tub.

Why Don’t People Talk About Their Good Birth Stories?

Once you are pregnant the chances that you will hear someone’s birth story jumps significantly. If you are not already working in the birth services industry where you hear all sorts of stories regularly, you have now entered the world of unsolicited advice and oversharing details. And that’s not always a bad thing, we can … Read more

A change of mind!

Society had me convinced that childbirth was more than I could handle… yet I enjoyed it so much I would have another baby just for the experience.

I can do it because God gave me the strength!

You should never let someone tell you that you can’t handle birthing your baby! And Bree’s story is a perfect example, our bodies are made to do this, and they know what to do if we just get out of their way!

Positive Birth Stories

A collection of positive birth stories to empower your journey into motherhood, no mater your choices, or path let them lift you up with the excitment becoming a mother is all about.