Summer Activities During Pregnancy

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Staying cool during a summer pregnancy can be a challenge, especially with all the new social distancing and some of our fav locations to cool off being closed. However here is our modified list of how to keep your cool, and some will even entertain older kiddos too!

Play with Water

We have a water table in our backyard, kiddo loves it, fill it up with cool water and let them splash around, chances are you’re going to get splashed too so grab a chair or stool and get in on the action and play with them.

Or fill a kiddie pool grab a chair and sit with your feet in the water as kiddo splashes around.

Of course, if you have a pool in your backyard, by all means, jump in. Unless your Doctor or Midwife has told you not to swimming is perfectly safe.

Ice Bucket for your feet

Fill a bucket with ice and stick your feet in it – If you are not able to get kiddo interested in playing with water then use the ice+bucket to keep cool doing whatever activity they want. Tip if you add water and only a little ice it will last longer and reach more of your legs.

Movie Marathon

Most movie Theaters are likely closed, if not be careful and practice safe social distancing with this one! Movie theatres are air-conditioned and usually have comfy seats, so grab hubby and go see a movie.


Stay home, and pull up Disney Plus, pop in a DVD or BlueRay and have at it. You can even pop some popcorn and have fizzy drinks if that’s what you like. All in the comfort of your own home.

Bonus it will likely distract you from how uncomfortable your body is with all the changes.

Have Netflix Marathon

This is like a movie marathon, but for TV Shows, and while many of us think of Netflix first there are also other services out there like Huulu, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus. So pick a TV show, plop your but on the couch, and laugh, cry or whatever along with the rest of the family.

Project Work

One of my favorite things to do while pregnant the first time was figuring out kiddo’s room piece by piece. While I don’t recommend you painting (seriously hubby can do that), or heavy lifting (again see hubby), planning out baby’s nursery, or making something fun and cute to remember your pregnancy, or even just organizing baby’s outfits and clothing was incredibly fun.

Then, of course, there are all the other personal projects you could do, like organizing your digital files or decluttering things that you no longer need in the house.

Go (Digital) Visiting

The old school practice of going visiting seems to be dead in a number of communities these days, but it is a great way to re-connect and spend time with so many people. Especially family, who if they have kids of a similar age can not only entertain your kiddos but tier them out for a quieter evening/nap.

The other alternative is to do a video call using something like Skype or Zoom, or even Facebook Messenger’s call feature. You can each grab a tea or coffee of your choice and meet up online. This is also a great way to practice your delivery room video call a head of the big day!

Want to know how to do a video call during your labour? Check out Video Calls During Labour and Delivery for more information

Walk or get out in the Morning or Late evening

The big thing is you want to avoid the intense heat of mid-day, it’s a great way to get everyone moving while it’s still cool to go for a walk in the morning.

I’m not talking crazy early like 5 am (unless that’s your thing) but most of the time before 10 am is still going to be pretty cool. Plus it will help release those feel-good hormones exercise always does for us.


During the time that the sun really scorches the earth when the heat is highest take a nap! Your body is working hard taking care of you and baby and you totally deserve it!

Mini Golf

This can be great fun with a small group of people in the early evening. Putt-putt courses usually have shade and water features to keep things cool and you might even be able to dip a toe in without too much trouble. Just make sure to wear comfortable footwear and maintain social distancing.

Date Night

Along the lines of a Movie Marathon, or Netflix, this one will look a little different these days. Cuddling up on the couch with some local take out that you love is a better choice than living it up on the town.

Not only will this help keep you bonded with your man, but gives your body a chance to relax and let the stress go if only for a little while.

Take a Baby Moon

If you can, do it! Before your new bundle of joy arrives go on a fling with your guy. Even if it is just for the weekend, spend some time connecting with your man.

It can be as simple as sight-seeing your home city, exploring all the local landmarks. Just make sure to stay out of the mid-day heat while you explore.

Road Trip

Skip this if you don’t have air conditioning, but a good time in the car with peeps you love is a great way to explore new places and spaces. Crossing something off your bucket list before the birth can be a great adventure. And if you are taking the kids with you make sure to check out the Complete Guide to a Family Road Trip with Kids from FamilyOffDuty.

Indoor play Areas for your older Kids

You might be tempted to try indoor play areas, and once the restrictions are lifted in your area as they are a great place to wear out the kiddos. However, with most locations being closed for health reasons chances are this one won’t be available for a while.

Ice Cream!

Or popsicles, or any other fav cold treat you can think of. I’m not suggesting you walk the whole way, but if you can get out and stretch your legs while going for a takeout sweet cool treat all the better. Bonus, if going with young kids it can give them a great memory of family time spent together.

Whatever you choose to do this summer, avoiding the heat and keeping your social distancing is important.

If you want to know more about why you should avoid the heat check out Summer Pregnancy, the effects of heat during pregnancy for more information.