Share Your Birth Story


I welcome all birth storys from women & their partners

  • of all ages
  • of all cultures / geographical locations
  • from all eras of birth (60+ years ago or 5 days all are welcome)

I love to share other women’s birth stories with the world. If you would like to contribute to the campaign I’ve started to get positive birth stories of all types and from all locations out there to help and encourage other women to pursue the birth of their dreams then you are on the right page.

If you’d like to feel free to check out my birth story or get started by completeing the form below & we will be in touch shortly.

If you select yes I will assign you a random name that your story will be published under.
If you choose to disclose this please note it will not be published with your story, however, it may be referenced in relation to future posts I have planned that will show how childbirth has been handled over the years.
Do you agree that I (Mrs. B.) of may share your story on my blog to help encourage other women in their journey to and through Motherhood and to bring awareness of the concerns and fears that many women face and have suffered? Understanding that this story may be shared on social media or Pinterest, as well as my newsletter list?
Please only share with me anything you are comfortable sharing with the public. Feel free to include things that you feel are relevant to the situation you encountered or how you were feeling. For instance, things that helped contribute to the experience being a positive or empowering experience or a learning experience. How did you handle any stress or fear if you had any? How did you cope with external pressure? Was this your first birth? Second birth? or More? If you have had multiple births what were the differences? What did you do differently? What do you feel contributed to the differences in your experiences?

Please note that I reserve the right to edit stories for clarity, grammar and privacy reasons.  This means that if you name a medical staff or child in your story I can and will remove the name or give them a nick name to keep their privacy safe.

If you have requested the option to submit a photo to accompany your story I will be in touch with you to confirm that all people in the photo have agreed to publish the photo.  Please do NOT use images that include medical staff’s faces or other identifying shots of support personel during the delivery.