All Mammas need and deserve time to take care of themselves.  No matter how you fill your day taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of those around you.


Recent Self Care Articles

How Acknowledging Your Mistakes Improves Your Life

Acknowledging your mistakes is often a scary and nerve wracking thought.  And you might be thinking “OMG, if I have to do that I’m going to … Read more

How to Prevent Swelling During Pregnancy

What is normal for swelling during pregnancy? What causes Pregnancy Swelling? And what can you do about Swelling during Pregnancy?

How your Cell Phone use affects your Mental Health

If you are like me it seems that being attached to your cell phone in a permanent way is common these days.  It’s almost like our … Read more

Self-Trust, the lie we are taught. How to rebuild self-trust. Building Self Trust. ReBuilding Your Self Trust.

The Journey to Building better Self Trust

for those of us looking to take the journey to healing and wholeness, at some point we need to start re-developing our ability to trust.  And most importantly to Trust ourselves. It’s not easy and it can be scary. To tust we have to open up our defenses and let other people in. It can be done, and it’s worth the fight with yourself. Here are some tips on how to start the process.

Hiding the Truth with Camouflage

I’ve been trying to write this post for a while now.  The words just are not wanting to come out in the way they normally do … Read more

poem like a butterfly by Robin Fogle, superimposed over photo of a Mom holding a baby, there is also a butterfly outline in the bottom right corner.

Like a Butterfly….Inspiration for Transformation.

An inspired journey of transformation always starts somewhere.  The courage to take the steps we need in our own life’s changes often comes from the support … Read more

Easy ways to drink more water

Easy ways to drink more water in your day. Drink more water! Health starts with regular hydration. Especially during the hotter months. So don’t forget yourself when you are spending your days Momming.

A Mother’s Moments . . . learning from my kiddo

These days I live for that moment when I get to pick up my little boy from daycare.  There is that quick happy shout of “Mom” … Read more

How to Empower Yourself with Permanence, Tattoos and Self Care

I know, I know. Not many people would put permanently changing your body at the top of their self-care to do list. But getting a tattoo … Read more