I know how it feels Mamma

Pregnancy can feel overwhelming, I was constantly worrying about how the birth would go.  Randomly crying for no apparent reason, feeling unprepared for baby's arrival, hyper-aware of baby's movements and my own pregnancy symptoms, and constantly questioning if everything is "normal" and "healthy" even when my doctor/midwife told me all was well.

Pregnancy is meant to be a joyful and happy time

with so many wonderful moments like baby's first kick or getting to see them on-screen as they move and explore inside their first home.

Yet regularly this joy is stolen by unnecessary worry, stress, and anxiety about the pregnancy, the coming birth, and other aspects of motherhood.  And many of us are SCARED to talk about it.

Picture This...

You look down at your baby bump and gently caress it with your hands.  In that moment you are infused with a sense of wonder and excitement over your new little one. You smile to yourself as the world and time seem to stop.  Your thoughts are calm as you focus on holding your bundle of joy in your arms.


When you think of birthing your baby, you get a smile on your face that enhances the pregnancy glow everyone keeps complimenting you on. You know you can handle whatever will happen.


Ahhhhh.... so relaxed, you take a deep breath feeling more connected to baby than before.

It's ok to NOT be ok

But that doesn't mean you need to live there.

Being "not ok" happens to all of us, but if you are feeling like you are constantly worried about every little thing around your pregnancy or birth, chances are that it's more than the common new mamma worries.

It's ok to not be ok

Not ok isn't always depression

Have you read up on postpartum depression and just felt like it doesn't fit?

And when you talk to people, they tell you

there is no way you're depressed.  So just stop worrying about it...


I hear ya, Mamma. I felt like I was going nuts after our oldest was born.  The worries kept piling up, and I was freaking out over everything.  Yet when I read up on postpartum depression, it just didn't sound like me.  I talked to my doctor, and it still didn't fit.


But something was definitely off, and it was waking me up at night so I could check my baby to make sure he was still alive.

It's ok to not be ok (1)

2 weeks postpartum and I had barely slept, I hadn't showered, and I was eating whatever I could grab on the run because I had to make sure that baby didn't cry for more than one squawk, or I was sure I was going to ruin him...


People told me how great I seemed to be doing, how responsive I was to baby, how I looked like I was getting everything going properly as a new mom.

What they didn't see was how I was slowly dying inside

I struggled to meet all the expectations and demands.  The stress was brutal, the worry kept piling up, and I didn't even know I was dealing with anxiety.


I was definitely NOT OK, and it was not the postpartum depression everyone had warned me about.


New Mom Calm - Introducing

The 6-week program designed to help you calm your motherhood anxieties and worries so you can enjoy your motherhood more!

You'll learn how to...

identify your anxiety symptoms

Once we understand how anxiety is affecting us we can map out a plan around how we will deal with it.

Identify triggers

One of the scary parts of anxiety is now knowing when it will happen, get past that by identifying triggers and neutralizing them.

take care of your needs

We are not just Mamma's but women, sisters, daughters, friends and so much more.  It's easy to give too much, by taking care of our own needs now we make sure we can give to those who need us most later.

Cope with Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts and worries can interrupt an otherwise happy moment, and you'll learn how to deal with them before they steal your Mom Calm.

Get More Sleep

With the baby waking you up or being physically uncomfortable all night it can feel like you'll never sleep again.  Learn the hacks to get the most out of your time between the sheets even with interruptions.

Calm your worries

     Calm your stress

          Calm your anxiety

Designed to help you take control of your
motherhood so you can enjoy your little one.

Whats Inside New Mom Calm...

Buh-by anxious and worried thoughts, you'll get access to a new module every week that helps you crush anxiety.

Includes real-life tools and examples that I've used myself in conquering my own mom anxiety.

We'll Cover:

Intro to Anxiety

What is it? How to identify it, and what your own anxiety cycle looks like.

Managing Expectations

Mamma's are expected to do and be all sorts of things learning how to manage your own expectations can break the cycle of anxiety.

Self Care/Self Maintenance

Self Care/Maintenance/Soothing is not all the same thing.  Learn how to work these into your day without losing precious moments with your baby or getting up super early.

Relaxation Techniques

Learning how to relax and building time to relax into our day is vital for our own health.  These proven techniques can even be part of your self-care routine and take 5 minutes or less a day.  Also includes ways to get better sleep with an interrupted schedule.

Setting Goals and Facing Anxious Fears

Setting goals around our mental health can be intimidating.  We'll break it down into bite-sized chunks that are easy to do and help build your plan for the future.

Baby Bonding

Anxiety can make it feel like we are NOT bonding with our baby (HINT baby feels bonded with you though) during our baby bonding module we will go over ways we can help ourselves build that bond up.

Worries & Negative Thinking

We all have moments where we worry or face negative thoughts. Learn how to deal with them and move on quickly and effectively.

Looking Forward

Dealing with anxiety isn't a one-and-done deal.  Here we will build out your plan for handling anxiety on a go forward

New Mom Calm Worksheets are designed to be printed and used with the course. They include:

  • goal setting and tracking
  • anxiety cycle sequence
  • weekly practice sheets
  • a relapse prevention plan

See this chick right here?

Yeah, that's me 3 years later after giving birth to our youngest son.  I'm smiling, relaxing, and not stressing about anything that went before or is yet to come.


Because I knew that no matter what comes, I have a plan on how to handle it.

Mom with baby on her chest in birthing tub resting after delivery.

Because here is the thing, Mamma. Being a new mother doesn't have to be super stressful.  And it doesn't need to be packed with worry.

I know you've heard that worry, stress and anxiety come with being a mom. but..

That doesn't have to be the case.

The reality is that most of us deal with worry, stress, and anxiety in silence because we expect it.  But when it starts to impact your sleep, your ability to care for your kids, and more importantly your ability to care for you, that's not ok.

You don't see it in this photo, but during our pregnancy, I was a total wreck. I constantly stressed about everything from how baby's clothing was folded to would someone take my child away if I talked about how worried I was?

I struggled to connect with my little one mostly due to the constant worry that seemed to take control of my thoughts. And because I feared someone would take my baby if they knew what was going on in my head, I was too scared to speak up.

This is why I've decided to put together everything I've learned about controlling excessive worry and anxiety during my 2 pregnancies to help you.

You don't need to suffer alone, and while therapy is great, for many women it's not accessible or feasible.

New Mom Calm

Where motherhood becomes enjoyable, and worries and anxiety are in your control.



Let's Start Building a Calmer Motherhood Together