Recovery after giving birth is a great time to take care of yourself, Mamma!

And there is no better time to nap and rest, you deserve it after all that hard work of growing and delivering a baby.

mom and baby cuddling on a bed

Newborns and mamma’s lack of sleep

we all know having a newborn means less sleep, but is it really true? Here is how to get the most sleep with a newborn in the house,

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Midwife Medical Professional reading through a client's chart

What is a Midwife?

What is a midwife? Where can a Midwife deliver babies? What kind of care can I expect when I work with a Midwife? Is a Midwife really for me?

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Everything you need to know about Pelvic Floor Health

Do you dribble when you laugh or sneeze? Do you avoid sex because it’s uncomfortable or painful? Do you have a mommy pouch after childbirth? Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is no laughing matter and affects much more of our lives then we may realize.

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Using Cloth Pads Postpartum

How to use cloth menstrual pads during your postpartum recovery. Be more comfortable, and a few easy tips from a long time cloth pad user.

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What is a Postpartum Sitz Bath, and How to take one.

After a woman gives birth I belive she should have a very relaxing and pampered couple of weeks. However in this day and age most of us are expected to hit the ground running and at full tilt no less. One of the best ways to combat this and help speed up your recovery postpartum is with a sitz bath.

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Postpartum Recovery, How to take care of your Body After a Vaginal Delivery

I’m not even pregnant yet, but postpartum recovery after vaginal delivery is already something I’m thinking about.   Postpartum recovery and healing postpartum the last time I had a baby threw me for a loop and I intend to be more prepared for the next one. I’ve been seeing a Pelvic Floor Physio Therapist in my area … Read more

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How Maternity Leave Helped me Build a Better Relationship With Myself

I never really thought that going on maternity Leave would help me build a better relationship with myself. I mean really, the concept had never crossed my mind as even being compatible.  Maternity Leave, after all, is meant to help you heal after birth and help you bond with a new baby…. not figure out … Read more

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