Positive Birth Stories

This is a collection of links to positive birth stories.  I personally am a huge fan of hearing other women talk about what happened to them.  Some are more educational then others and some are truly empowering. 

During my pregnancy I found that many women tended to share more the pain side of what they went through, and while there are certain things we should be aware of (like our pain management options).  These can also be scary and cause more fear than good in our pregnancy. 

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I ended up having a birth that didn’t resonate with those stories.   This left me feeling “out of sorts” when I shared my story and people didn’t get the badge of certainly for surviving high levels of pain and suffering.  And even before that, the stories I hear often scared me and created a lot more fear than I needed in my life. 

Luckily I encountered the book  Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, the first half of which is ALL POSITIVE BIRTH STORIES.  Whenever someone told me something that freaked me out I went back to this book and read one or two stories just to get my head calmed down. 

Every Birth is Unique

As you read through this collection of stories please keep in mind that none of them will be identical.  Even with the same Mom, childbirth is different each time, and each experience will change with every new circumstance.  

I have the utmost respect for all the Mothers of the world.  Which is why I am sharing all these stories as I find them or they are sent to me.  No matter how you birth, or where, or what age or any of the other factors that we women are constantly judged on around being a Mother, please know that I feel all stories should be respected and shared. 

No matter how different our story’s or choices we make around giving birth all women have a right to share their story, and be heard.  So if you’ve given birth naturally, via c-section, used pain meds or not, birthed in a hospital, birthing center or at home.  Your story needs to be shared!  Your story deserves to be respected, I know mine isn’t always but you are welcome to read my Birth Story.

Birth Stories on OneWeirdMamma.com

Birth Stories from the Web

BirthWithoutFearBlog.com – A Vaginal Hospital Birth of TRIPLETS

TheGreenParent.co.uk – A positive birthing story, by Josie Cremore

HoboMama.com – A Surprise Unassisted Home Water Birth

HypnoBirthing-Online.com – Maya’s Birth Story, a drug-free waterbirth at home using hypnobirthing

LaborTeen.com – A Labor and Delivery Nurse’s Birth Story

MamaBirth.com – A Nurse and Her Home Birth

NolaNesting.com – A Natural Breech Birth Story

MotherRisingBirth.com – Christi’s Birth Story of a Natural Hospital VBac

PlusSizeBirth.com – The Difference Size Friendly Care Makes: The Natural Birth Story of Georgia Lin

ThePositiveBrithCompany.co.uk – Lucy and Baby Ezra

PopSugar.com – VBAC with Hubby Help, Sharing gratitude for the husbands that support us

PositiveBirthStories.com – The Birth of Jakob

ReturningToBirth.com – A Trauma Survivors Account of how giving birth affected her

Collections of Stories

Here are all the collections of other birth stories that I’ve located online. 

BirthEatLove.com – A comprehensive list of Positive Birth Stories

GrowingSlower.com – 110 Positive Natural Birth Stories

HypnoBirthing-Online.com – a site dedicated to Birth Education and empowering women through HypnoBirthing & Doula work.

MomTricks.com – 121 Positive Natural Birth Stories for Inspiration & Motivation

MotherRisingBirth.com – a holistic pregnancy blog by a Doula

TellMeAGoodBirthStory.com – A collection & site dedicated to positive birth & stories

TheDGAFMom.com – Real Natural Birth Stores to Inspire Your Delivery

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