Self Care

10 Easy Ways to Overcome a Panic Attack

Panic Attacks are often sudden, unexpected and scarry. Dealing with them daily can leave you exhausted and drained, here are the 10 ways I deal with daily attacks to reduce their impact on my life.

How to Empower Yourself with Permanence, Tattoos and Self Care

I know, I know. Not many people would put permanently changing your body at the top of their self-care to do list. But getting a tattoo can be an integral part of your self-care. Self-care, after all, is not just bubble baths and a glass of wine. So you might be wondering, how exactly are … Read more

How to Build a Self-Care Routine when you don’t like Bubblebaths

Physical Self-Care is one of the first things I think of when I think “Self-Care” in general.  Typically I’m thinking the whole bubble bath scene, or occasionally a Mom sneaking some time on the toilet before her littles find her. It includes things like your Exercise, Pampering your body (facials, getting nails done etc), eating … Read more

How Acknowledging Your Mistakes Improves Your Life

Acknowledging your mistakes is often a scary and nerve wracking thought.  And you might be thinking “OMG, if I have to do that I’m going to have a panick attack”. I hear ya, I totally get it.  But stick with me for a minute here. Not that long ago I made a big mistake at … Read more

How your Cell Phone use affects your Mental Health

If you are like me it seems that being attached to your cell phone in a permanent way is common these days.  It’s almost like our phones have become an extra appendage.  And when statistics state that over 90% of North American’s are purported to own cell phone, and over 75% of those are smartphones.  … Read more

A Mother’s Moments . . . learning from my kiddo

These days I live for that moment when I get to pick up my little boy from daycare.  There is that quick happy shout of “Mom” in the most adorable voice I’ve ever heard.  Followed by the pitter patter of little feet racing to meet me. Sometimes he has to be restrained from leaping down … Read more