How to Write Your Birth Story

Ever wonder what to include in a birth story? Here are my top tips of how to record your story in a way you want to remember it!

I can do it because God gave me the strength!

You should never let someone tell you that you can’t handle birthing your baby! And Bree’s story is a perfect example, our bodies are made to do this, and they know what to do if we just get out of their way!

A Doula Gives Birth Herself

I’m very excited to share this Doula’s home birthing experience! It just goes to show how amazing our bodies are and when baby and you are ready sometimes the speed of delivery is faster then we expect. I know I’ve heard some intense stories about Mamma’s delivering before they could get to a hospital or even on the way to where they wanted to birth (like minutes away). But out bodies truly are amazing and can go from “not quite ready” to delivering a baby in a fairly quick time frame.

Brandi’s Cesarean Birth

Cesarean birth can be absolutely amazing and empowering for some women. I totally belive that if there was a baby inside you that came out, you gave birth! And some times we have to give up our ideal birth for the life saving one… here is one Mamma’s story.

My Birth Story

My birth story is not exceptional, it is more common then you think. And my birth story does not contain massive amounts of pain either.

Positive Birth Stories

A collection of positive birth stories to empower your journey into motherhood, no mater your choices, or path let them lift you up with the excitment becoming a mother is all about.

Share Your Birth Story

Have you ever wanted to share your birth story? Here is your chance to get your birth story published and seen, stand up and be heard.