Video Conferencing During Childbirth

Every thought of Video Conferencing during Childbirth? Now Video Calls are not just for business but for Labor & Delivery too! Here’s how to set it up

Midwife Medical Professional reading through a client's chart

What is a Midwife?

What is a midwife? Where can a Midwife deliver babies? What kind of care can I expect when I work with a Midwife? Is a Midwife really for me?

Birth Center layout with large birthing tub, birthing ball, side car basinet, birthing stool, queen sized bed and more in a calming environment

Birth Center Delivery

For many women, a birth center is the best of both home and hospital, providing care from medical professionals like Midwives in a homey environment.

Mamma holding baby in birthing tub.

Why Don’t People Talk About Their Good Birth Stories?

Once you are pregnant the chances that you will hear someone’s birth story jumps significantly. If you are not already working in the birth services industry where you hear all sorts of stories regularly, you have now entered the world of unsolicited advice and oversharing details. And that’s not always a bad thing, we can … Read more

Touched Out While Pregnant

Make no mistake being touched out is an empty cup you can not pour from. So how do you go from irritable at the thought of touch to enjoying motherhood?

doctor and pregnant woman reviewing a birth plan

Writing a birth plan

A birth plan is a document used by pregnant women to communicate more effectively with a health care provider your wishes for the kind of childbirth you would like.

pregnant woman laying on bed with pillow over her head

Dealing with First Trimester Exhaustion

In the first trimester exhaustion can be one of the hardest symptoms to contend with. Next to Nausea it often catches us at random times, and leaves our normal lives feeling out of control. Here are the top reasons why it happens and how to deal with exhaustion in the first trimester.