Birth Stories… some thoughts on Women’s History.

Historically birth stories were shared from Mother to Daughter and even in our “tribes” from the wise ones to the younger soon to be mothers.  We were often supported not just by our spouses or partners but the community that we lived in right from the moment we knew we were pregnant till well after kiddo was ready to leave the nest.  

Women had their own wisdom and support system with this.  It was not until the 1900’s (I believe) that we started seeing men involved more and more in the process and support network of our birthing system.  I read a while back that at some point, male doctors actually ran a campaign to make the “midwife” an unsafe and somewhat scary idea to new Mom’s.  Not because a Midwife was less skilled, but more for the Doctor(s) to have control and dominion over all things “medical”.

With the transition of our care from other women (Midwife and Doula) over to a male-dominated medical practice we can also trace the move from seeing birth as a natural process that has it’s own rhythm to something viewed almost like it’s an illness.  It is after all only recently women started to “fall pregnant”, which (to me at least) sounds a whole lot like “falling ill”. 

So in the interest in building up our supports and tribes that help us face the process of birth rather than “cure” the pregnancy I’m giving you the opportunity to share your birth story.  Because each of our stories matter, from painless to trauma all of our experiences are valid and should be recognized.

Now I know some of us have had some very traumatic experiences and we don’t want anyone associating the story with us, I’m happy to post your story anonymously and there is an option in the submission form that you can use to request that, please don’t let it hold you back from sharing.  I know so many others out there who have likely had similar stories to you and it could help them to heal from the pain and suffering that they have dealt with by reading your story. 

And for those of us who have had our ideal birth, let’s share those to help encourage other soon to be mothers that they don’t need to be afraid of this process.  Birth is a part of life and should be seen in a positive way.  Imagine if your story is the one that inspires another woman to have the birth she dreams about?  How would that make you feel?

I could talk about birth stories all day, and I personally love reading them.  If you want to share one feel free to complete the form here or send me an email. You can also check out My Birth Story or the Collection of Birth Stories I’ve started on.

*** Note, these are my personal thoughts & musings on the history of Birth Stories, I have NOT done a tone of research on the history of birth stories.