A post a day for the month of May… the challenge continues

I’ve been trying to do a post a day for the month of May 2018.  Now this may not seem like a lot of work to some, however working with the demands of being a Mom and Wife and all that comes with that plus working to build this blog can take a lot out of a body.

Photo by Charles Deluvio ???? on Unsplash

However today I am reminded what this challenge has helped me accomplish so far, and how that is lining up with my goals to date…

The original goal of posting each day

My biggest goal for this site is to provide helpful and insightful information that you (my awesome readers) can put into action right away in your own lives.  While I hope you find my stories about my own life and lives of those around me entertaining along the way I’d rather be giving you helpful information then just entertaining you.

For this challenge my main goal was to do one post every day this month, with a focus on finishing up some of the drafts that I have already started and waiting to go live. (Like 45 when I started the challenge)

Keep in mind that for each post I also source photos, draft pins for pinterest and schedule when everything goes out live.

I also wanted to generate a couple new posts with the intention of fleshing out this site more in an effort to get more comprehensive information for you.  Possibly stringing together an interesting series on the Healing Journey I’ve taken so far.

The results so far

Well, I managed to get out a number of posts. 12 to be exact.  Most of them are new content that I drafted the day I hit publish.  Which of course leaves me with 43 drafts I still want to get out into the world.

And because I’ve been following along with the challenge for Mother of Kings (you can find it on Facebook here) I’ve been seeing some pretty cool prompts that have lead me to write up a few more drafts…. leaving me with a total of 75 drafts in my que that need work to put live… go figure 😉

What I’ve learned about myself, blogging and life in general


What I’ve really come to apprechiate in the process is that not all posts need to be perfect NOW.  Sure I strive to be as helpful and insigtful as I can.  However, I mainly write about my own opinions and preferences.  Those can grow and change as we go, and often do.  So expecting to get everything 100% bang on in each post with such limited time is a bit much.

I’ve also come to apprechiate having systems in place that remind me of what I’m doing when.  Check lists of what needs to be done for a post is a helpful thing, even if I never actually check off the box & just keep the same copy of the list in front of me through the whole process.

Myself & Life in General

So yeah, I’m learning to let go of my “perfectionist” tendancies and rise above it to get to “good enough”.  This doesn’t just apply to blogging though.  Often times in life I’ve caught myself trying to “perfect” something before other people see it.  Often in the pursuit of that percieved perfection I’ve also managed to edit out anything and everything related to myself and how I function as a person. Which means I loose the authenticity of what I’m trying to do, and that causes me to loose interest.

Rushing is NOT the answer to deadlines… yup, when I give myself a deadline to get a post out by rushing through it doesn’t help.  Same with Supper, if I say Supper will be on the table by 6pm and I get home at 6:05pm well there is no need to rush.  Find a snack and eat the super when you can finish making it.

Taking breaks is required, no matter how into it I am with something I know I need to take breaks.  Otherwise I start to circle in wonky patterns and get overwhelmed with everything.  Last week for instance, I didn’t really do a post a day… I took the time I needed to rest so I could push through this week, but more importantly to focus on my family and spending time with my reasons for blogging in the first place.

Doing a little bit a day can bring a big difference.  Yup, little bites people, I’ve heard it before (multiple times) but so far this is reminding me that I need to do a little bit every day to see progress.

And I feel like it’s getting to make blogging just that much more fun.