My First Delivery

We don’t always get the labor or delivery that we expect, and while the end goal is often a healthy baby and Mamma it is always special to hear stories from my readers that show changes in expectations can be as beautiful as this.

Kyndall, thank you for sharing. I too went into birth with a number of expectations, and after reading this I think you are more adaptable than I regarding birth. I hope one day to look back on my second son’s birth with as much joy as you clearly do.

When I became pregnant, I was constantly reading about labor and delivery. What to expect, how to prepare, etc. I was especially interested in the differences between a natural, unmedicated birth compared to birth with an epidural or pain medicine, and found that many people claim an unmedicated birth was better for the baby and the mother.

So I knew I didn’t want an epidural. I had a perfect pregnancy, no health complications, no morning sickness, even. So, naturally, I expected my birth experience to go just as smoothly and all according to plan.

But life had other plans!

My last dr appointment I opted to have my dilation checked and the doctor seemed to go higher than usual to feel the dilation (my thoughts in the moment).

When the doctor left me to dress, upon sitting up, a little bit of water gushed out. I retrieved the doctor to test the fluid and sure enough, my water had broken!

I was admitted to a room where they put me on antibiotics and hooked me to a monitor.

The next morning around 7am, I had no progression into labor and was put on Pitocin to speed things up. After a few hours with nothing really going on they increased the dosage of Pitocin and contractions started. They were intense.

I really really tried to avoid using pain meds but it was truly unbearable, I first started with something light (can’t recall exactly) and it did nothing for me, I was at about 6 1/2 cm when I gave in and asked for the epidural.

The epidural did take away most of the pain but I still had what they called a “hot spot” in my lower abdomen so I believe I was given fentanyl which did take the pain away with some nasty side effects. My teeth kept chattering uncontrollably and I began shaking and vomiting.

When l was really ready to start pushing is when the shaking stopped and I could really focus. I had a mirror so I could watch (which was very helpful and also just amazing to see). It was probably about an hour of pushing, and my beautiful baby boy was born around 7:40 pm.

After reading this story you may think that all I remember is the pain and the complications, but I don’t. I usually forget that part of the story until I specifically think back on it.

What I remember the most, and the best is being able to watch myself bringing my baby into the world, and holding him in my arms. It’s the most amazing thing, the moment where they hand you your child and you can’t believe they’re finally here!

When you see their face it’s so familiar like you’ve known them all along. And even though I didn’t get the experience I dreamed of, my baby and I were healthy and I am so grateful to every doctor and nurse that assisted me in that hospital.

It doesn’t matter what your experience is, because it is yours and you have to believe that every little thing was the best option for your baby 🙂