A Doula Gives Birth Herself

🙂 I’m very excited to share this Doula’s home birthing experience! It just goes to show how amazing our bodies are and when baby and you are ready sometimes the speed of delivery is faster then we expect. I know I’ve heard some intense stories about Mamma’s delivering before they could get to a hospital or even on the way to where they wanted to birth (like minutes away). But out bodies truly are amazing and can go from “not quite ready” to delivering a baby in a fairly quick time frame.

I’m also interested to hear that it is common for Mamma’s who deliver quickly like this to experience more of an unsettled or slightly fearful aspect to their birth experience. While I can personally relate to the shock of losing control (your body really does know what it’s doing and can take over your mind) I don’t remember being scared that myself.

So thank you Kristin for sharing your experience and providing your unique perspective on experiencing birth as someone who has worked with Birthing Mamma’s!

As a doula, I thought I had it all figured out. Of course more than most people, I knew that birth was ultimately unpredictable. I so wanted to create a birth story of my choosing and thought that with all my knowledge and experience I could do so. Woah Nelly! It’s not that simple.

On paper, I had the birth I wanted. I was at home. Only my husband, sister & doula were present. It was quiet and intimate. That’s what I had wanted and yet I felt out of control. It wasn’t the pain. As Mrs B said the pain was not as bad as I expected. It was bad, don’t get me wrong. But every contraction that came was a “wave” that I could handle and I wanted to experience each one. But because all my pain was in my back, I had convinced myself that either this wasn’t labor yet or baby is in the wrong position.

At 1:30 am I told my husband I thought I might be having contractions as I had a pain in my back that came and went periodically. I’ve always warned my own clients that ANY discomfort that comes and goes in a pattern is labor but I didn’t believe it myself. I kept expecting worse.

At 5 am I convinced my self it was real and my doula. She wasn’t convinced but I felt I needed her to come to help me make decisions. She arrived at 5:30. In my mind things then took a turn. I couldn’t imagine things getting worse. The pain became so severe that I knew if I was in a hospital, I would have requested an epidural. My previous self would have rather died than get an epidural because I work in the birth world, I’ve seen the negative aftermath effects of the epidural and it made me biased.

So I knew if I was thinking I’d consider this option, things must be real. I convinced my doula the midwife should come to check me. The doula thought it was too early (based on my outward appearance and pain tolerance). My midwife arrived at 7 am and checked my cervix at 7:20. I was 3cm 


I was so disappointed! I asked my husband immediately to fill the tub cause now I know there are many hours to go. The midwife left our home because it’s way too early. I wasn’t even in “active labor” yet. I understood her decision and would have done the same.

I got in the tub. It felt so good. My contractions spaced out and I was even able to sleep in between them. 7:40 (20min after being checked) I suddenly made a distinctive and unusual, groan. It surprised me. I believed it was too early to feel this sensation so I tried my best to breathe through it. Not able to.

The groaning went on for a little while. It wasn’t more painful it was just an uncontrollable downward push inside. After a while, my doula came into the bathroom (confused) asked me to get on my hands and knees in the tub to remove the pressure. My water broke immediately.

I got back onto my bottom as the pressure increased. She asked me to feel inside my vagina. I did so and felt her head. Or at least what I thought was a head as it had hair. Shocked, I zoned out completely. I knew what I was doing but I had no recollection of anyone else.

Baby came flying out at 9:17 am. So I basically went from 3-10cm in 20min. And the pushing stage took over. I didn’t feel I needed to be told anything. My body knew what to do and how to control it. I didn’t tear and that rarely happens in a fast delivery. My Midwife never made it back in time for the delivery.

I was in such shock, I can see it in my face when I watch the video. I believe I was in shock for days. Not sure if it was the speed or the losing control.

As a doula, I now completely understand the terror that appears on the faces of women having fast births. I don’t think it’s the best thing for your body to experience. When I’ve worked with mamas who experience average length labor’s, I see the awe and satisfaction on their faces. But I’ve always noticed the shock and fear that overcomes mama who delivers too quickly. I now understand so much more which will add to my experience as a doula in the future.

-stunned mama

Thank you again Kristin for sharing your story! I wish you much success in helping other Mamma’s in their birth journeys. I know my Doula was instrumental in the birth experience I had and I can’t say enough positive things about her as a result!