5 years ago we got pregnant with our oldest son, and I was SOOOO Excited.  FINALLY, I was going to be the Mom I always wanted to be.

But there was something really confusing about my experience, I kept having all these worried, stressed, and anxious thoughts.  They were stealing my joy of being pregnant.

And no one seemed to get it, every time I expressed a worry or concern I heard platitudes back like "oh just wait until..." or "yeah, but you'll get through that and then the really hard stuff will start", and of course the regular "this too shall pass."

The thing was I wanted more, more from the people around me, more from my experience, and mostly I wanted to relax and ENJOY the process of becoming a mother.

Is it too much to ask that I get to ENJOY my own Pregnancy?

I mean honestly, why should I have to constantly fight my own mind just to get an ounce of excitement out of my pregnancy?

Fastforward to today...

Being a calm Mom is something we all have the ability to create.  And that includes us Mamma's who battle anxiety, as well as all the other worries and stress life, throws at us.

Your mind DOESN'T have to be a constant battleground, you can relax and enjoy your Motherhood. And I'm here to tell you Mamma you don't have to live in a state of constant overwhelm.

Motherhood really can be everything you dream of, and I'm excited to show you all the ways we can build the Motherhood of our dreams together.  And in the process, we will calm the fears and anxieties that are getting in our way.

You Got This Mamma!

You Can't Pour from a Broken or Empty Cup

Here's What You'll Learn


How to get a few extra stretches in so you feel great and your body shows the love back

Body Positivity

These daily reminders will help you remember how awesome and amazing your body is right now.

Multitasking Tricks

Get little tips and tricks on how to get more self-care in your day no matter how busy you are.

Sleep Tips

No matter how much your brain keeps running these tips and tricks will have you resting and refreshed in no time.

Awesome Reminders

You are amazing Mamma, and sometimes we all need reminding of just how awesome we are!


Journaling is more than just writing about how your day went, learn how to use it to clear your head and build yourself up.

Depression while pregnant: 6 Signs You Should Watch Out for

Depresion while pregnant can be hard to identify. That’s why it is so important to talk to your care providers and the people around you who love you. Be aware of the signs and what you can do to help support your optimal Maternal Mental Health.

woman sitting on her bed hugging her knees while baby sleeps in front of her

PPA is just as painful as PPD

Postpartum Anxiety is just as valid a concern as postpartum depression yet it is often ignored by those around us as regular old “new mom worries” instead of seen as the problem it is.

mom and baby cuddling on a bed

Newborns and mamma’s lack of sleep

we all know having a newborn means less sleep, but is it really true? Here is how to get the most sleep with a newborn in the house,

woman laying in bed wide awake

Anxiety and Sleep…

Anxiety and sleep feed off each other, the more tiered you are the more anxious you likely are the less you sleep… it’s a vicious cycle

woman relaxing in a large bathtub

Self Care vs Hygiene

Do you know the difference between self care and hygiene? It’s so easy to confuse the two that many people assume good hygiene is good self care…

colorful side view of a brain on a clock

Causes of Mental Health Dysfunction in Mothers

The reasons we develop mental health dysfunction as a new Mom are multi-faceted. While this list isn’t comprehensive it contains many of the reasons new mom’s feel like they are going crazy.

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Do you want to build the motherhood of your dreams? Free from worry, stress, and anxiety? Then New Mom Calm might be your answer.